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ILLNESS, Rejuvenation and growth

Journey to health

The Diva Maker Story

About Diva Maker Prosthetic Hair Replacement Specialists

Whoever you are, you are here because you have faced hair loss yourself, or have a loved one who has. I have been wearing hair replacements since 1984, first due to an inflammatory condition called lupus / SLE and later when undergoing lung cancer treatment. Both times, as I started to lose my hair, I felt I had lost my beauty and confidence. Fortunately I had support and managed to find a hair stylist that helped me on my personal journey to feel good about myself again through the use or hair replacement prosthetics.

A daily user of prosthetic hair replacements, I became aware of the lack of high quality products on the market. More often than not, the wigs and extensions were made using unclean artificial hair as a base. I started Diva Maker with a mission to fill that void. With my first hand experience of medical hair loss, I can identify with thousands who suffer in silence.

As a customer, you should feel that you are wearing the ‘real thing’. You want an easy to wear undetectable hair replacement that fits comfortably, and you only want to be wearing eco-friendly clean human hair.

What sets Diva Maker Hair Prosthetics apart from our competitors is our guarantee to use eco-friendly and clean human hair. Equally important, we focus on customer needs, helping your salon to personalise and custom fit your hair replacement.

Today, I live a very active lifestyle thanks to this amazing solution for men, women and children suffering from alopecia, lupus or other types of long-term extreme hair loss.


Louise Brooks, Founder, Survivor


Real women, real lives

So much more than just a wig! At Diva Maker Hair Prosthetics we take a holistic view of health and appearance. It is about rejuvenation and creating real hair replacement solutions for real women facing long term health issues.


The journey

No matter how you choose to express yourself when it comes to hair loss, we believe that within every woman is a diva that should be celebrated.