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Training with Diva Maker Hair Prosthetics

The importance of training and education to Diva Maker is paramount, as we understand that a knowledgeable stylist is a successful stylist. Through our training content, Diva Maker strives to equip the participant with only the most current skills and information.

Benefit from our expertise

With the expertise and support of highly educated and experienced stylists, colourists, extensionists, cosmetologists and teachers at our fingertips, we offer an educational experience that is guaranteed to enhance your career and empower you as a professional.

Advance your career

Get a head start

The Diva Maker Hair Prosthetics training course includes theory and practical content / exams as well as teaching skills such as single and multiple installation methods and how to remove and re-bond extensions.


Students are also educated in the various Diva Maker hair extension types and styles, and various pricing models for Diva Maker’s products and services. On completion of the internationally recognised training course, the participant will receive a certificate and a start-up kit, and will be able to address the needs of the client with confidence and ensure they have the requested style and hair solution.

Custom courses and special requests are welcome for groups of up to six people. Training courses are available in Sweden and USA.

Contact us to set up your training course. Tell us about yourself and your business goals.

Set your own pace

Diva Maker's training module is also available as an online course. Enjoy the flexibility and learn at your own pace. You will receive the same certification as those completing our traditional class-based training course.


How it works
  1. To apply, email info@divamakerhairprosthetics.com and request a registration form. We will also send you an invoice.
  2. Once the training is paid for, you will receive a password / code to access the online training content below. Simply click the button to download the material. Enter the code when prompted.
  3. You then have all access to the training content and can make a start on your course work.
  4. Within 7 days of registration, submit your completed course work to info@divamakerhairprosthetics.com  Should you need extra time, please request this directly.
  5. We will assess and then advise on the results.
  6. On passing, you will receive a certificate and starter pack. You are welcome to do refresher training as the need arises.
start here!

Register and pay, and you will receive a code to access the training below.

Online Training

style it
Tongs Flat Irons Curling irons

Diva Maker Hair Prosthetics Styling Tools

A perfect hair solution needs a perfectly styled finish. Diva Maker Hair Prosthetics has created its own range of professional styling tools. Favoured by trade professionals as well as the women wearing our hair, these are among the best tools available at reasonable prices. To order, please drop us a line. info@divamakerhairprosthetics.com


Starting out in a beauty career?

Diva Maker's training on prosthetic wigs, brows and lashes is one of the best courses you can take to advance your career in beauty as well as medical aesthetics. After the course, you become part of the trusted Diva Maker global network - we believe in long term relationships with our trade partners.