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The Diva Maker eye range - natural looking prosthetic hair to frame the eye and complete the picture.

Medical hair loss can also affect eyelashes and eyebrows.

Rejuvenate with the Diva Maker Eyes range.

Our long-lasting eyelashes and eyebrows are all hand-tied and use quality mink hair.

Understand your eyes

Find your eye shape

Among women, there are six common eye shapes. Use this guide to find your perfect style of eyelashes.


Just about every lash style will be flattering on almond eyes. The lash shape is more about what you feel the most confident wearing.


Downturned eyes feature a natural downward slant towards the outer corner of the eyes.


Because the eyes sit further back in the socket, you want to ensure that lashes have enough volume to be seen but not too much that it touches your brows. A wispy or medium density lash will look best on this shape.


Hooded eyes feature a natural crease that makes your eyelids not as easily seen. If you have a harder time seeing your eyelid than you most likely have hooded eyes. Pick a lash that has a dense base. It combats the lid that tends to cover lighter lashes.


Prominent eyes feature a larger, more defined eye shape. A prominent eye tends to outshine other features of the face, bringing attention to the eyes.

Mono Lid

Mono-lid eyes have little to no crease and appear to have a flatter overall eyelid surface.