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Diva Maker Hair Prosthetics

Layla Louise

A story of hope by Layla Malek

A story of hope by Layla Malek: Diva Maker Hair Prosthetics 

When I came from Iraq – a country of war and destruction – to Sweden about five years ago, I found safety and stability here, specifically in Edsbyn. When I first met my friend and sister, Louise, I found love and tenderness together with her.

She educated and developed my knowledge of hair care and modern hair, and beauty techniques and products. And the technique of fitting wigs and hair extensions, which I had little knowledge of. Despite the difference in language, we had enough knowledge to understand each other and gained a lot of experience which helped me in my work. Louise told me that our goal is to see the happiness in the customer’s face when we do this. Look at the change they have received, and how wonderful it is when a dream turns into reality. It’s how I feel when a customer comes in sad and walks out very happy.

Thank you Louise, you spread happiness and knowledge wherever you go. Thank you for being the family, the safety in the new homeland that me and my family have missed. Thank you for allowing me to get started with you. We will continue to develop our goal. My company is an extension of your company Diva Maker Hair  Prosthetics and together we spread the feeling of beauty and happiness all over the world. I am very proud of you and I hope that together we can continue to achieve our goals






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